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angeles for two days of fundraising in california. tonight he'll appear at a star-studded fundraising rally in los angeles where bon jovi, stevie wonder and katy perry, a few of the folks performing there. mitt romney has an event that's about to get under way in florida. a live report from the trail. in just a few moments. and there's also a new poll of likely voters in colorado. that was taken after the debate at the university of denver. that poll shows the president with a four-point edge, 47-43%. more on all of these stories throughout the next two hours. but we start in the sunshine state. where mitt romney will be holding the rally in just a few minutes. you can see a live picture there right now, live picture of him on -- live picture on stage right now. and that is congressman allen west in the foreground. this is his third straight day of campaigning in florida. nbc's peter alexander in port st. lucie where the romney campaign bus just arrived. what's the word there, mr. alexander? >> they're just getting started as you can hear, allen west speaking right now. joined by the
will head to california tomorrow, where he is expected to tout the new jobs number, 7.8%, and some big fund-raising numbers out today. president obama and the democrats raised $181 million in september, the highest single-month total so far. more on all these stories throughout the next two hours. >>> the campaign focus shifts a bit next week to the vice presidential nominees. paul ryan and joe biden will face off in their only debate next thursday night. paul ryan has just left his four-day debate camp. he is heading back to wisconsin for a fund-raiser tonight. and as for the vice president, we check in with msnbc news campaign embed carrie dan. she's embedded with vice president joe biden's team. carrie, vice president biden's schedule shows him to be in wilmington, delaware, right now, and for the next few days. what is planned for him? >> that's right, milissa. he's going to be doing his own debate camp there, up until a day before the debate. he's spending time with chris van hollen, that's his sparring partner. van hollen has worked with paul ryan, he's a democrat from maryland, who w
're going to take those cases. the other question is whether they will hear the challenge to california's proposition 8. that is also before the supreme court. not clear whether they would hear that. they may take the cases and decide to punt on prop 8. >> if they do that, again, is that more in the thanksgiving timetable? >> probably. i would think we're not going to hear about any of these until late november. and that would mean they wouldn't be argued until next year. the other cases you mentioned, the question of affirmative action. almost every college and university in america that is at all selective in admissions uses some form of affirmative action. they want to achieve a racially diverse campus. because they want to believe that better qualifies or prepares students for the outside world. this case comes from the university of texas, a high school student that didn't get in. she's saying it was unconstitutional, she was denied her spot because texas does consider the race in rounding out the class. they basically take the top performers. they're guaranteed. they do look at ra
in california yesterday. experts believe it could be a great white. it's the 13th fatal shark attack in california since 1950. >>> and a big thumbs up for facebook on wall street. they reported better than expected third quarter earrings yesterday, the stock trading around 20 bucks right now. >>> apple's stock dropped 20 bucks after unveiling that ipad mini. it might be smaller than the original but still costs at least $329. if we take a look at the markets we can see apple is trading up .2 of a point right now. >>> republicans now defending a senate candidate after controversial comments about rape and pregnancy. how this could hurt the republicans come election day. congresswoman jackie speier joins me next. we want to know your thoughts, if perception is reality, who is winning the election right now? olay total effects in 2001. and one wedding, 2 kids, 43 bottles of olay total effects many birthdays later, still looks amazing. thanks to the trusted performance of olay. throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as
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schwarzenegger back on some turf. the terminator star and former california governator returned to the mall of america in bloomington, minnesota to sign copies of his memoir called "total recall." get it? fans will find the scene familiar. it's where he shot part of his 1996 christmas film "jingle all the way." ben affleck admit his feelings for president obama are not as certain as they were burn. in an interview, the boston-born actor and aacademy award-winning screenwriter said i voted for obama last time, although he got to be all things to all people then. now he has a record which makes it really different. i obviously have more complicated feelings. >>> speaking of beantown complication, duval patrick says scott brown's attacks on elizabeth warren make him a, quote, bay state birther. brown's been trailing in the polls while attacking warren over her claims of being native american in heritage. >>> political and snack junkies will love this one. portraits of president obama and mitt romney made entirely of chee-tos. mmm! artist jason ballmann using 2,000 of the snacks to create a one
trail mix. >> you want to get into this? >> that was california's brad sherman on thursday night grabbing opponent howard berman during a feisty debate. congressman berman's campaign manager now telling the hill they are not ruling out using that incident in campaign advertising. congressman sherman, meanwhile, has since said that he regretted his actions. >>> is senator rand paul already ramping up for a presidential run in 2016? paul reportedly extending outside kentucky, going national with tv ads in ohio, west virginia, and florida. the ads paid for by his political action committee, rand pac. hammer democratic senate candidates over foreign aid. and the massachusetts nail-biter. the latest polls have turned the senate race in the bay state upside down. can elizabeth warren pull off an upset? and if you thought there might be a bit more calm and cooperation in washington after the election, think again. why we are likely to see even fewer moderates in congress next year. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just finished a bowl of
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the streets of los angeles. it's headed for its retirement home at the california science center. >>> the political fight over evolution is still evolving. this week two republican congressmen are grabbing headlines for their comments on the subject. both are on the commission kmit tee for science, space, and technology. the latest remark, todd akin. you remember him. he's running for the senate seat in missouri. >> i take a look at both sides of the thing, and it seems to me that evolution takes a tremendous amount of faith. i don't see it as even matter of science because i don't know if you can prove one or the other. >> all right. that was todd akin. a tape also surfaced this week of georgia republican paul browne talking about evolution. >> all this stuff i was taught about evolution, embreeology, big bang theory, all that is lice. it's lies to try to keep me and all the folks who were taught that from understanding that they need a savior. >> with me now, bill nye, ceo of the planetary society, and, of course, the science guy. good to have you, bill. >> good to see you, bil
, hesitant to go to the polls because they think it is. we actually have that in 2008, the -- california technology and m.i.t. conducted a study. 24% of the african-americans who said they didn't vote they said they didn't do so because of voter i.d. 78% of asians said they didn't vote in 2008 because of -- didn't have the voter i.d. so this is a problem and we have to make sure that people understand that inner is states, they have voter i.d. laws. in most of the states, they don't. . >> sir, thank you for your time this morning. i appreciate it. >>> coming up next, comeback kid. what president obama needs to do to turn the polls around. winning strategy, coming your way next. e? well, i'll admit it. i was skeptical at first. but after awhile even my girlfriend noticed a difference. [ male announcer ] rogaine is proven to help stop hair loss. and for 85% of guys, it regrew hair. save up to 42% now at >>> we are following developing news from capitol hill today. in 30 minutes the house oversight committee is expected to begin hearing on the security failures of benghazi and
at their debate in california last night. howard berman and brad sherman fighting for the same seat because of redistricting. it's become a very heated, very bitter and nasty campaign as you can see. congressman sherman acknowledging that in a statement after the debate saying, quote, the debate was not conducted at the highest level. i regret my part in allowing emotions to distract from the exchange of views and we are in a heated and expensive race that's become an e motional race. we think when smears are made and untruths said a person has to defend had himself and that raises the intensity of the debate end quote. mitt romney had a prayer session with the reverend billy graham at his north carolina home yesterday. after the 30-minute meeting reverend graham said he was impressed with romney's values and strong moral conviction. graham has met with every sitting president from harry truman to president obama. he turns 94 years old on november 7th, the day after the presidential election. >>> is hollywood breaking for romney? first "clueless star stacy dash and now actress lindsay lohan
, the president is ahead by a large margin in california and new york. that's why we look so closely at those eight or nine battleground states and what we see is it's close generally speaking across the board, but the president has advantages in some places that he would like to hold like new hampshire, like nevada, like iowa. mitt romney's has the opportunity to break through in florida, colorado, north carolina. but he has that couple that with big chunks of electoral votes like virginia, ohio. that's the only way he can make the math work to get to 1270. >> great break down. john, thank you so much. and we were looking at video of mitt romney arriving in new york heading to hofstra university for the town hall debate tonight. we have that video for you here at msnbc. >>> it started as a nerve-racking experiment, town hall debates. here's a look at the young tradition that started in 1992 by the numbers. first off, a zillion. the first moderator, carol simpson said the live tv experiment was so nerve-racking that what she did because she was so concerned about what people might say, she wr
by state delegations. each state gets a vote. for example, california, which state delegation overwhelmingly leads democratic, they get one vote. they'd go for barack obama. texas, whose dell graegation overwhelmingly goes republican, it would go to mitt romney. who ends up getting 26 states or a majority then ends up breaking that tie. that is one of the outcoming you would end up having in a 269-269 tie. >> has this happened before? >> it actually -- we've never seen a 269-269 tie. if you go back to 1800, and we're talking thomas jefferson versus aaron burr, we did get a tie as far as the electoral votes. one thing is worth pointing out, that it is very possible that if you do have a 269-269 tie, you actually could end up having a decisive outcome before it goes to congress because you end up having those lectors as part of the electoral college. if one says i was supposed to cast my lot for barack obama or mitt romney, but i changed my name, all the sudden it goes from 269-269 to 268-278. >> interesting dynamic if that happens. mark murray, thank you so much for clarifying
of states where mitt romney has raised money after only california and texas. $19 million the governor has raised here compared to just $14 million for the president. and they're hoping to raise several million more tonight. >> nbc's peter alexander with the latest from daytona beach. >>> "the new york times" reporting that a romney superpac is making a $12 million ad buy in nine states. the states include eight battleground states plus michigan where. is all this money coming from? joining me is nbc news's deputy political editor. the associated press just ranking the top fundraisers to the obama and romney campaigns. the top fundraiser for the president is jeffrey katzenberg, the film producer and ceo of dreamworks. he has raised $2.5 million. when we look at all that money, what does this say about who is supporting president obama? >> well, we know that the president himself is trying to raise a lot more money from small donors like he tried to do in 2008. but of course that's very difficult when you're running, when the environment is what it is. and the economy being what it is. i th
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)

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